Uncover the past with our latest special edition magazine 'The Book of Archaeology'

Our sister magazine, All About History, has released a special edition that provides all sorts of interesting stories about the world of archaeology — and you can get it right now from magazinesdirect.com

The special, standalone issue explores how archaeology went from being a leisurely pursuit to one of the most vibrant fields of scientific study, as well as detailing how we found magnificent historical monuments like Tutankhamun's tomb. It also looks at how ground-breaking technologies and modern methods are being used to discover lost treasures on ancient sites.  

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The Book of Archaeology:<a href="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?awinmid=2961&awinaffid=103504&clickref=hawk-custom-tracking&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.magazinesdirect.com%2F" data-link-merchant="magazinesdirect.com""> <a href="https://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?awinmid=2961&awinaffid=103504&clickref=hawk-custom-tracking&p=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.magazinesdirect.com%2F" data-link-merchant="magazinesdirect.com"" data-link-merchant="magazinesdirect.com"" target="_blank">$29.99 from Magazines Direct.

This special edition celebrates archaeology from its humble, amateur beginnings to a rigorous scientific discipline, what we have learned from the most important global discoveries, and how archaeologists use cutting-edge contemporary science to unearth, understand, and preserve history for future generations. 

Highlights from the book include Heritage Heroes, which follows the trailblazers who helped shape the field, Grave of the Griffin Warrior, which rewrites what we know about Mycenaean archaeology; and a look at some of the most awe-inspiring archaeological sites around the world.

As well as being a fascinating read for adults, The Book of Archaeology is also a great way for school-age children to get a taste of the subject of archaeology, as well as potentially inspiring an interest in history. Why not pick up a copy today? 

Orla Loughran Hayes
Ecommerce writer

Orla is an NCTJ-trained journalist with a background in beauty, lifestyle and technology commerce journalism and has worked for leading titles such as The Mirror and MailOnline. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting art exhibitions, buying clothes, and creating and accomplishing bucket lists of things to do in London. (orla.loughranhayes@futurenet.com)