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How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Learn how to romance and marry Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan from Starfield stands in a room next to a fireplace
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Wondering how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield? When you visit the Lodge for the first time in Starfield, you'll immediately be whisked away on an adventure with Contellation leader Sarah Morgan. This is only the first of many adventures you'll have together, though, and you can even entwine some romance into your journey as you jet off among the stars together. If you get married to Sarah, you'll also get the Emotional Security buff, which grants extra XP to help you level up faster.

In this guide, we'll break down how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield, covering every step on your romantic journey. We'll explain what she likes so that you can earn affinity, and also provide a full walkthrough for her companion quest. which will let you enter a romantic relationship, and her commitment quest which ends with you getting married.

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How to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield

Below, we'll break down how to romance Sarah in Starfield:

  1. Complete the "The Old Neighborhood" main quest.
  2. Set Sarah as your main companion.
  3. Be kind, deescalate, and show commitment to Constellation to raise affinity with Sarah.
  4. Always select the [FLIRT] option in dialogue with Sarah where possible.
  5. When your affinity is high enough, you will unlock the "In Memoriam" companion quest.
  6. Complete "In Memoriam" and select the [ROMANCE] dialogue option at the end.
  7. Select the [COMMITMENT] dialogue option in your next dialogue with Sarah.
  8. Complete the "Commitment: Sarah" quest to marry Sarah.

To romance Sarah, you'll need to start by unlocking her as a companion by completing the "The Old Neighborhood" main quest.

Once you have Sarah as your companion, you should mainly focus on raising your affinity at every opportunity. Sarah likes it if you are kind to others, and she also likes to avoid danger when possible. If you have the chance to attempt a Persuasion check to avoid combat, for example, succeeding this check will raise your affinity with Sarah. She also likes it if you are supportive of Constellation's goals, so act excited and eager about exploring and hunting for Artifacts whenever she brings it up.

You can't see an affinity score in-game, but you'll know that it has increased if you see a "Sarah approved of that" message in the top-right corner of the screen.

Conversely, you want to avoid options that prompt "Sarah didn't like that" or "Sarah hated that" messages. Sarah is particularly against unnecessary violence, so make sure not to attack innocent people. She's also a former UC Navy commander, though, so she likes justice being delivered to villainous characters. Make sure to quicksave often before making decisions, and reload your save if you've accidentally caused your affinity with Sarah to decrease.

Starfield image showing Sarah Morgan stood in a dim bar at the Lodge.
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As you progress through the story with Sarah as a companion, you'll get misc objectives to "Talk to Sarah". Each chat is a chance to flirt with Sarah, so make sure to complete them as soon as possible.

These chats cover: your experience with the Artifact on Vectera, Sarah's friendship with the previous leader of Constellation, her history as leader of the UC Navigator Corps, her experience in the UC Navy, your experience in the Temple, and her desire to return to Cassiopeia. During this final chat, you'll unlock the "In Memoriam" companion quest, which you must complete to romance Sarah.

Sarah romance walkthrough: "In Memoriam"

Once "In Memoriam" starts, head to New Atlantis and speak with Admiral Logan in the MAST building. After a brief chat, he'll give you the data regarding Sarah's rescue from Cassiopeia, which you can use to find her camp on the surface of the planet.

Jet over to Cassiopeia and land at Sarah Morgan's crash site. Then, head over to the crashed ship and follow Sarah's instructions to grab the nearby emergency power cell. You can insert the power cell into the crashed ship to receive the Telemetry Data, and then use this to track where Sarah's allies crashed on Cassiopeia.

Fast travel to the new crash site marked on your map, and then follow the objective until you find the crashed shuttle. Head inside to meet Sona, a young girl who you'll eventually learn is the daughter of some of Sarah's old crewmates. She'll point you to the graveyard where Sarah's old crew is buried, so head there next to retrieve their Genetags.

Once you arrive at the graveyard, you can grab nine Genetags straight away from the various graves. The final tag can be looted from the Greater Silverfish that prowls nearby.

After collecting the Genetags, return to Sona and convince her to leave Cassiopeia with you and Sarah to boost Sarah's affinity further. Then, head back to New Atlantis to inform Admiral Logan of your success, before visiting the nearby War Memorial with Sarah. Finally, Sarah will ask you to meet her at the New Atlantis waterfall for a private chat.

During this chat, you'll finally get the chance to select the [ROMANCE] dialogue option with Sarah. There's no convincing necessary on your part here, as Sarah will reciprocate automatically if you have raised her affinity enough to reach this point. This will complete "In Memoriam", and you'll enter into a romantic relationship with Sarah.

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How to marry Sarah in Starfield

To marry Sarah in Starfield, you must wait until you're prompted to speak with her again after completing "In Memoriam".

She'll talk about her parents, before asking about the status of your relationship. Here, you'll get the opportunity to select the [COMMITMENT] dialogue option, which will make you propose to Sarah.

Sarah will then take some time to figure out the details of the ceremony, so continue travelling with her until you're prompted once again to talk with Sarah.

Sarah will then tell you to head to Paradiso, where you can have the wedding ceremony. This will add the "Commitment: Sarah" quest to your misc objectives, which you can track to head towards the location of the wedding.

When you arrive, you can proceed through the ceremony to finally marry Sarah.

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